Using a fast parcel operator to import and export

Check what customs charges apply when using a fast parcel operator to make import and export customs declarations.

Applies to England, Scotland and Wales

Your responsibilities

Fast parcels operators will often complete the import or export declarations on your behalf as part of their services.

You may need to give them details about the goods so that they can complete any import or export declarations correctly. So it’s important you provide them with accurate information. Fast parcel operators may not move certain goods, for example, foods or chemicals, if in doubt check with your fast parcel operator.

Charges that can apply

You may have to pay Customs Duty or import VAT charges on parcels when you send or receive them from outside Great Britain (England, Wales or Scotland) depending on the value.

Before sending parcels from Great Britain or receiving parcels from outside Great Britain you must check who will need to pay any customs charges or duties due in the country of import or export.

If you want to reduce Customs Duty charges

Customs Duty can be reduced in certain cases. This may include:

  • reliefs depending on what the goods are and what you do with them
  • paying less Customs Duty on goods from a country with a UK trade agreement, including the EU

Find out more about paying a reduced amount of Customs Duty.

Your fast parcel operator may also charge a fee for the services they’ve provided. They’ll often expect the person receiving the goods to pay any charges and fees.

Getting proof of your export

If you want to get proof of your export, for example to claim VAT relief, you should ask the fast parcel operator.

You may also be able to confirm delivery of a parcel if your fast parcel operator has Track and Trace facilities.

Published 1 July 2021
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