Taking a lorry abroad

You need a valid passport, the correct driving licence and must comply with EU rules on drivers’ hours and tachograph use.


All vehicle drivers, passengers and any crew members must have a valid passport.


You do not need a visa for entry into other EU member states if you hold an EU passport, but you may need a visa if you’re travelling beyond the EU. You should check the entry requirements for the country you plan to travel to.

Drivers’ hours and tachographs

You must comply with EU rules on drivers’ hours and tachograph if you’re driving a goods vehicle within the EU.

However, working time rules vary and there are certain tachograph exemptions.

Read DVSA’s guide to drivers’ hours rules for goods vehicles in England, Scotland and Wales and Europe.

International driving permit (IDP)

You’ll need an IDP to drive in certain countries. This shows the details from your driving licence in other languages. It includes:

  • your driving entitlements
  • your validity periods

Check if you need an IDP for the country you’re travelling to.

You still need to carry your driving licence at all times – an IDP is not a replacement.

Carrying goods

You’ll need to check the rules on cabotage if you’re using your lorry to transport goods within certain EU member states.

Further information

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