How to comply with REACH chemical regulations

How to comply with the EU’s REACH chemical regulations when you’re using, making, selling or importing chemicals in the EU, and how to prepare for Brexit.

If you’re using, making, selling or importing chemicals in the EU, you need to follow REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) regulations.

Find out what you must do to meet REACH requirements.

Register your chemical substance

You must register your chemical substance with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) – this body enforces REACH regulations in the EU.

Find out how to register your substance with ECHA.

Prepare for Brexit

Find out how to continue to make, sell or import chemicals if the UK leaves the EU with no deal in March 2019.

If you want to place new chemicals on both the EU/EEA and UK markets after a no deal exit, you must follow both EU REACH and UK REACH rules. Register for new chemicals on the UK market after a no deal on through the HSE.

Get more information about REACH

You can read ECHA advice to find out:

  • the chemicals that are covered by REACH regulations
  • whether authorisation or restriction should take place

You can also get information about REACH:

Published 23 September 2015
Last updated 23 January 2019 

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