The border of the future

142. As part of the Points-Based System, we will implement a suite of changes allowing us to strengthen the security of our border. Our future border system will protect the public and enhance prosperity. Investment in border processes, biometrics and technology will result in a border that operates with a fully digital end-to-end customer journey, improving both security and the passage of legitimate travellers through the border.

143. As part of a phased programme to 2025, we will introduce a universal ‘permission to travel’ requirement which will require everyone wishing to travel to the UK (except British and Irish citizens) to seek permission in advance of travel to facilitate the passage of legitimate travellers whilst keeping threats away from the UK border. We will introduce Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETAs) for visitors and passengers transiting through the UK who do not currently need a visa for short stays or who do not already have an immigration status prior to travelling. Our ETA system will require applicants to undertake a light-touch application process, which will allow security checks to be conducted and more informed decisions taken on information obtained at an earlier stage, as to whether individuals should be allowed to travel to the UK. This will act as their permission to travel.

144. For British and Irish citizens, who do not require leave to enter the UK, their permission will be demonstrated by their passport. Irish citizens will not normally require permission and there will be no change to the arrangements for the Common Travel Area. For those coming to either work or study in the UK or as visa national visitors, their permission will be their visa, which we will develop into a digital status record. We aim to make the visa a digital document to replace the paper one.

145. At the border, a passport will be required to demonstrate identity. During 2021, EU citizens (other than those with protected rights under the Withdrawal Agreement) will have to use a passport rather than a national ID card to cross the border. We will announce further details on changes to border control procedures affecting EU citizens in due course, following the negotiations on the future UK-EU relationship.

Annex A – Application Fees Based on Current Fees and Charging Structure

Fees stated are correct as of July 2020. Fees are kept under review and may be subject to change. View UK visa fees.

Table 23: Application fees

Applicant type Applying from overseas Applying in-country
Skilled Worker Up to 3 years: £610 Up to 3 years: £704
Skilled Worker Over 3 years: £1,220 Over 3 years: £1,408
Skilled Worker Shortage occupation up to 3 years: £464 Shortage occupation up to 3 years: £464
Skilled Worker Shortage occupation over 3 years: £928 Shortage occupation over 3 years: £928
Global Talent £608 £608
Start Up £363 £493
Innovator £1,021 £1,277
Student £348 £475
Child Student £348 £475
Visitors Short Term Visit Visa: £95*
Dependants Fess will continue to apply for dependants in the same way as now, paying the same fee as the main applicant
Intra-Company Transfer Up to 3 years: £610 Up to 3 years: £704
Intra-Company Transfer Over 3 years: £1,220 Over 3 years: £1,408
Intra-Company Graduate Trainee £482 £482
Creative £244 £244
Youth Mobility Scheme £244 £244
Charity £244 £244
Minister of Religion £610 £704
Religious Worker £244 £244
Govt Authorised Exchange £244 £244
International agreements £244 £244
Family £1,523 £1,033
UK Ancestry £516 £1,033

*Only for Visa Nationals. Further information on different visit visa fees can be found on GOV.UK.

Fees for sponsorship (licences and certificates) will continue to apply in the same way as they do now. Fees for a sponsor licence depends on size of company and the route they apply under. For example, under the Skilled Worker route, for small and charitable organisations the fee is £536; for medium or large business the fee is £1,476. Further information can be found on GOV.UK.

Further details of fees for the Health and Care Visa, Graduate Route and Sporting routes will be available in due course. View UK visa fees.

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