Guidance overview:Technology and Innovation Roadmap

The below roadmap has been taken from Governments 2025 UK Border Strategy, which set out how we will transform the UK Border to make it the most effective in the world. A key element to transforming the border will be working with industry and driving forward innovation. This roadmap sets out the journey we are taking to give industry the confidence to develop innovative new solutions that will improve efficiency and security of our border.



The Technology and Innovation Roadmap

Create a visible first point of contact in UK Government for border innovation suppliers and users

The Border Innovation Hub will serve as a first point of contact within government for crosscutting border innovation-related enquiries and proposals, able to communicate on behalf of the whole of government on border-innovation related matters and create connections into expert technology teams across border agencies. The hub will work collaboratively with industry, border departments and the devolved administrations to coordinate efforts to test and trial new technologies at the border and will engage regularly with the border technology industry to identify new opportunities for innovation around the border and to challenge progress.

Define target use cases with industry

We will adopt a use case model to identify and define target use cases and associated capabilities. The Border Innovation Hub’s first priority will be to produce a hypothesis on the target use cases based on target user journeys. It will do this in close partnership with the border industry, border agencies and technology companies, evaluating proposals against the ambitions of the 2025 UK Border Strategy.

Set and collate security and interoperability standards

We will collaborate with industry and across government to set and clearly articulate standards around which the private sector can build IT and technology solutions. We will ensure these follow Open Standards Principles. Where possible we will seek to align these standards with our international partners to standardise processes across borders and drive interoperability wherever possible.

Building on the existing ‘Border Code’ work of Border Force, we will set out a comprehensive set of standards across:

  • Border Data
  • Security
  • Interoperability

Work across government to design the border and support border innovation and its uptake.

We will assess each target use case to determine what internal changes are needed across government. Sitting centrally within the Cabinet Office, the Border Innovation Hub will be empowered to initiate and support change in any department or across departments. Example internal changes may include:

  • an API-driven approach to ensure industry-government systems interoperability;
  • progressing required legislation;
  • training front-line operators and officers to use new technology; and
  • incorporating the advantages or insights derived from new technology into existing government processes.
  • developing sandbox testing programmes in partnership with industry and government agencies;
Published 31 August 2021


Technology and Innovation Roadmap

Published 31 August 2021

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