Using your premises to start or end the movement of transit goods

Get authorised consignor or consignee status to start or end movement of goods under transit at your own premises.

If you’re regularly moving goods using transit procedures, you can apply for authorised consignor or consignee status, which will allow you to start or end the movement of goods under the Common Transit Convention for Great Britain or Union Transit for Northern Ireland, at your own premises rather than at a customs office.

Your premises

Your own premises may include locations which are not owned or operated by you, but you must have permission to use each location.

Find out how to apply for transit simplifications and authorised consignor and consignee status.

Start moving goods from your premises or a customs facility

You’ll need to get authorised consignor status to start movement of your goods from your premises, or an approved customs facility such as:

  • a warehouse
  • a designated export place
  • an external temporary storage facility
  • a temporary storage facility

As an authorised consignor, you’ll be able to:

  • declare goods without presenting them at the customs office
  • print the transit accompanying document and (where applicable) the list of items, at the consignor’s premises
  • remove goods under customs control directly from their authorised location

You can also apply to add locations to your authorisation.

Finish moving goods at your premises

You’ll need to get authorised consignee status to end the movement of goods at your own premises.

As an authorised consignee you’ll be able to:

  • receive goods without needing to present the goods and transit accompanying document to customs at the customs office
  • send your arrival notification message to the relevant office electronically
  • receive automatic permission to unload the goods (if the goods are not subject to further controls or inspections by the customs office)

Get consignee authorisation for your temporary storage facility

If you already have an authorised temporary storage facility in place, and you’d like the site to be authorised as a consignee location, you’ll need to apply for authorised consignee status for use at this location. If you’re already an authorised consignee, you’ll need to apply to add the location to your authorisation.

Apply to add locations to your authorisation

When you’re using your premises to start or end the movement of transit goods, you may apply for permission to add additional locations to your existing consignor or consignee authorisation.

There’s no limit to the number of locations you can add. They may include locations which are not owned or operated by you, but you must have permission to use the location. These locations include:

  • a client or customer’s premises
  • an agent’s premises
  • premises operated by a third-party service provider

You must make sure that any new premises meet the conditions of your authorisation, and that you can:

  • control the goods at that location
  • provide suitable and safe access and facilities for customs officials to carry out inspections of the goods

Adding locations to your consignor authorisation

You should check the reference amount of your guarantee before you request additional premises. This is to make sure it covers the cumulative value of the goods you’re moving, following your planned expansion.

When HMRC has your application with the relevant information, and evidence that the premises is suitable, your additional authorised consignor premises will be activated within five working days.

Adding locations to your consignee authorisation

If you’re finishing moving goods at your premises, you’ll need to make sure you have access to a temporary storage facility at that location.

Find out more about transit and applying for consignor or consignee status.

How to apply

Download form C1343d and return the competed form by:


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Request an accessible format.

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When applying for an additional location, HMRC will assume your new location will operate in the same way as your existing location. If this is not the case or you operate multiple locations differently, you need to complete a C1343a or C1343b, in addition to the C1343d.

You can apply for both authorised consignor and consignee status at the same time.

Published 17 September 2019
Last updated 5 February 2021 
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