Guidance on importing and exporting live animals or animal products

Collection of guidance and forms for importing, exporting and moving live animals and animal products.


This collection of guidance covers importing, exporting and moving live animals and animal products.

You should read guidance on pet travel if you’re bringing or returning your pet to the UK.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): send applications by email

If possible, you should send any applications by email as staff may not be able to collect post during the coronavirus outbreak.

Please apply in advance to avoid delay – the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is dealing with a high volume of applications.

Topical issues

Imports or moves to the UK from all countries

Exports or moves from the UK to all countries

Moving goods or animals between EU countries

Balai Directive: animals, semen and embryos for research, display and conservation

Endangered species

Non-native animals

Poultry Health Scheme

Animal pathogens

Artificial breeding controls

Welfare of animals in transport

Identifying livestock, including identifying for export

Published 12 September 2014
Last updated 16 June 2021 

Importing and exporting plants and plant products

Guidance on how to import and export plants and plant products to and from the UK.


Marking, labelling and marketing standards for imports and exports

Marking, labelling and marketing standards you must follow to import and export plant seeds, food and manufactured goods.

Product markings

Labelling standards

Marketing standards

Published 10 September 2020
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