Brexit (An Irish Guide) contains over 1,680 articles on the many aspects of Brexit. It is designed to assist businesses and others to cope with the challenges of Brexit.Our index of topics is in the margin (or at the foot in tablets and smartphones) of most pages and is largely self-explanatory. The user can navigate down through the relevant categories and topics and open the relevant article.

Brexit (An Irish Guide) focuses on the key issues of customs, regulation, free movement, trade, withdrawal and the new relationship while giving a broad overview of the more general “cross-cutting” issues.  It covers regulated sectors in detail. It gives detailed and practical guidance on the customs and regulatory issues that will arise for businesses. It covers issues from and Irish, UK and EU Perspective.

Brexit (An Irish Guide)  presents the key legal and technical aspects of the Brexit process, describing what the European Union is and what it does, describing the key issues involved in leaving and the possible legal and regulatory landscape of a post-Brexit world.

Brexit (An Irish Guide)  is part written and part compiled by Paul McMahon. Paul is a practising solicitor and chartered tax adviser with over 25 years’ experience (and  12 years’ as a practising English solicitor) and principal of McMahon Legal Solicitors and Tax Advisors.

McMahon Legal is a member of the InterTrade Ireland Brexit advisory panel. McMahon Legal has advised Irish and UK businesses in most goods and services sectors in relation to the full range of their Brexit issues, including customs, VAT, regulatory matters, services, people, procurement and numerous specific sectoral issues. We have prepared comprehensive Brexit plans to enable businesses deal with the challenges and risks and take the opportunities that Brexit presents.

Approximately 500 Articles on Brexit (An Irish Guide) has been written by Paul McMahon. The remaining Articles comprise UK, EU and Irish Public sector information, organised thematically.

Paul has also written Irish Legal Guide which is a concise and comprehensive guide to Irish law. The modules on the areas of law relevant to business are now available.  Paul has also written UK Legal (An Irish Guide) which is an extensiv overview of doing business in and with the United Kingdom, for Irish businesses and individuals.

The author accepts no liability for errors and omissions. See the Disclaimer and the Terms of Use.

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