Customs Roll-On Roll-Off Service

You can access the  Customs Roll-On Roll-Off Service through the Revenue website. This service incorporates:

  • the flow of commercial vehicles into and out of Irish ports
  • and
  • supports the just-in-time business model preferred by many businesses.

It provides the following three functions:

  • Pre-Boarding Notification
  • Channel Look-up
  • Parking Self Check-in

Pre-Boarding Notification

What is the Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN)?

The PBN is a virtual envelope that links together the details of all the goods being carried on a vehicle or truck. Your Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN) must record the details of customs declarations for all goods to be carried on a vehicle or truck. These customs declarations should be made in advance of arrival at the port of departure in the UK.

Businesses will need to consider who will complete the Pre-Boarding Notification as this may not necessarily be the same person that lodges the customs declarations. A business will need to consult with its logistics provider to determine what will work best, having regard to their business model.

What are the benefits of a PBN?

  • A PBN enables customs to provide one single instruction to be followed by the driver on arrival at an Irish port.
  • It ensures speedy and accurate channelling of a vehicle or truck through the port.

Channel look-up

 What is the channel look-up service?

This service provides the following information:

  • if a vehicle can directly exit the port
  • or
  • if the goods need to be brought to customs for checking.

This information will be made available through the Customs Roll-On Roll-Off Service 30 minutes prior to arrival of the ferry into Ireland. This information can be accessed by anyone in the supply chain.

What are the benefits of the channel look-up service?

  • Facilitate the efficient flow of traffic through our ports.
  • Assists business from a planning perspective knowing which vehicles and consignments are on their way out of the port.

Parking Self Check-in

What is the Parking Self Check-in service?

Where a vehicle is called for a physical inspection this service will:

  • assists the driver of the vehicle to remain in their vehicle
  • and
  • inform Revenue that the goods are available for inspection.

What are the benefits of Parking Self Check-in?

  • Once an examination bay becomes available, the driver will receive a text message advising him or her where to attend for inspection.
  • Minimises the need for face to face interaction between the driver and Revenue staff and speed up procedures overall.

More Information

More detailed information on The Customs Roll-On Roll-Off Service will be added to in due course.

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